Being a little kid, I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in life, and I decided that it’s better to already have a list of things I want to accomplish there, so when I’m growing, I know what to do. Because I’ve heard about and seen people confused with their lives, not knowing what to do, which step to take next, and to avoid being them, I decided to make a list of things I want to do – major things only, because minor things would take too long. And the reason I did this as a page was because I wanted to keep a record of this, on the top of my blog, to have a record of it that’s available 24/7. Here’s the list:


Start a blog

Earn money from it

Get 50 blog followers

Get 100 blog followers

Get 1000 blog followers

Get 10,000 blog followers

Start a dream journal

Start a travel journal

Start a general journal



Start a booktube channel

Start a lifestyle channel

Start an editing channel

Start a vlog channel

Get fifty subscribers on all channels

Get hundred subscribers on all channels

Get thousand subscribers on all channels

Get ten thousand subscribers on all channels

Get hundred thousand subscribers on all channels

Earn money from youtube



Go to Arabia for Hajj

Go to Northern Areas of Pakistan

Go to Africa

Go to Bali

Go to Bora Bora

Go to Iceland

Go to Hawaii

Go to England

Go to America

Swim with sharks

Swim in every ocean of the world

Visit a grassland

Watch a geyser burst

Do archery

Ride a horse

Climb a mountain

Do parasailing

Do hand gliding

Travel abroad alone



Learn a musical instrument

Learn photography

Learn film making

Learn a foreign language



Become an architect

Design a house

Earn enough money to feed my family



Be social

Do good things for people

Exercise every day

Eat healthy

Sell a book

Write a contemporary book

Be happy and positive

Be independent

Enjoy life for what it is

Get married

Have kids

Own a house



Canon 70D

Canon 1DX

Canon G7X

Sigma 30mm F1.4

Softbox lights

Ring light

Blue Yeti Microphone

RODE Microphone

A wife 😉