How Blogging Changed my Life

Yellos everybuds! Welcome to my blog! I am a thirteen-year-old perpetually lazy blogger, youtuber, and storyteller. My name is Faizan but I call myself Carleton up here on the interwebs. I have an obsession with books, cameras and the internet. I blog about lifestyle, books, organization, productivity, writing, and blogging itself.

I started Carleton Caws back in January of 2017. I had been in eighth grade, fighting through a really weird stage of my mind and my early life–ya’ll know it. I had a really big growth spurt where I grew not only physically but also mentally–so fast.

Even before this blog, I had been a really productive kid. I used to write. I had self-published three books (which I’ll talk about soon) and writing more. I loved film making and was constantly working with my cousin, Mariam on a writing project, film project or something along those lines. Even art became a thing.

But the problem was how fast I was growing. In a matter of two weeks, I started to hate the things I had created. I felt like they weren’t good enough, like they were useless and bad. The books I had published were (and still are, I resolutely regret publishing them) absolute crap. This thought was contributed to by the kids at school. I took down my youtube channel which I had worked so hard on, and decided start fresh and better.


And then I discovered, one fine day, the world of blogging. And that opened my eyes to so much more. I learned so many new things, found so many new people like me that I could talk to without a mind-gap between us. I got something to spend my time working on, and so much more.

I found an entirely new world outside of the same writing and film making and school bubble I had grown up in. Yes I still did those things, but blogging brought a renewed stamina into everything I did. I met Fiona, Morgan, Dominick, Megan and Amelie  –all of them through blogging.

So I think I can easily say that blogging has changed my life for the better.

How Blogging Changed my Life



Now, I sit in my room all day and all night talking to other bloggers, watching or making youtube videos, reading or writing blogs, or writing stories. But really, I’m continuing my blog, no matter what!

I like lots of things, some of which are (in no particular order) journaling, books, notebooks, pens, blogging, youtube, mountains, rivers, forests, my room, movies and tv shows, travelling, unhealthy food, writing, painting (though I’m not good at it), and lots of other stuff.