The Best Sites for WordPress Themes

WordPress, if you didn’t know, is my favourite blogging platform right now. It’s what I use for blogging right now (I have a self-hosted blog with SiteGround) and I’m quite pleased with the interface and everything else that matters. But how do you improve your blog design? I can help you by identifying some of the best sources for WordPress themes.

I was reading some posts the other day about reasons why Squarespace is better than WordPress, or something along those lines. Lauren, from Elle and Company did a post on this topic, as did Nesha from Nesha Woolery here. Basically, one of the reasons they preferred Squarespace over WordPress was that WordPress (self-hosted) allows outsider WordPress themes and itself has thousands of themes, which is good but in a way it’s difficult to choose and some of them are very badly coded. It’s hard to pick from millions of themes and decide which ones are coded well and have more options for customisation.

And it’s true. It is hard to choose. But I can make it easy for you. I have some experience with WordPress themes, and I have noted over time some of the best sites for WordPress themes. And let’s be real: if you want a good theme, you’re going to have to pay for it.

1 | Pipdig WordPress Themes

How many times will I have to say this? Pipdig, pipdig pipdig. The best. The features are endless. They have so much freedom to customise, well-coded themes, amazing customer service (thanks, Phil!) and just all-rounded amazingness.

However–the themes they provide are only good for blogs. If you know coding and HTML and CSS, then go ahead, you can code your homepage into a website. But if you have no clue how to code, then you might want to consider something else for your website. These themes are only good for blog styled WordPress sites.

2 | ZThemes

ZThemes is a really good WordPress theme site (obviously). It has some really good blog-style themes. I’m not exactly sure how customizable they are I’ve only seen them in action, but they do look very nice.

Most of the themes follow the same patterns, but they are good. They are clean, elegant and simple. I’d recommend looking into these, no doubt about that.

3 | City House Designs

They don’t have a ton of themes yet, but the ones they do have are well coded as they are and look clean and elegant and simple. Some of them are also, again, really good for websites, and some of them better for blogs.

But really, it’s all up to you. I don’t know how much I would recommend this, really, but do look into it. Maybe you’ll find something. Who knows?

4 | PenciDesign

This is, I’d say, at par with pipdig. The themes they have are amazing. And they have a great price for the amount of customisation they allow you to do–it’s endless. There are so many post listing styles and stuff it’s amazing.

But again, like pipdig, these themes are only good for blogs, I think. So it’s all up to you with coding or not coding.



The Best Sites for WordPress Themes