5 Productivity Tools to Boost Your Concentration

Ahhhh…Concentration and productivity. Now there’s two things that don’t go hand-in-hand easily. When you’re feeling productive, you can’t concentrate. When you can concentrate, you aren’t feeling the vibe. And you can’t get work done without either one.

But that’s not where the story ends. I have some things that could help you. Some tools that you can use when you’re working on your computer, but keep getting distracted by

  • your thoughts
  • or social media.

So if you’re like that–sitting on the table fresh and clean, opening your schedule and then two seconds later scrolling through twitter–then this post is for you.

5 Productivity Tools to Boost Your Concentration

1 Noisli

Let me just say this loud and clear. This is hands-down the best tool you can use to boost your concentration over the rainbow. Are you ready for this? Okay. This website plays background noises of your choice (that’s right, I said background noises of your choice) to reflect an environment. And ya know the best part? It works.

Some science experiments have shown that a certain level of noise helps focus (for scientific reasons I was too lazy to read and would rather not delve into anyway). You can add a forest environment, cafe, riverside, wind, fire, trains, air conditioners–literally anything you can think of. I love the cafe environment, so I always play that.

2 Google Calendar

Scheduling is by far the best thing that I could ever do. I discovered this in my holidays, so I haven’t really used it for school, only blogging. And here’s the thing–though it’s not really keeping me consistent, still, just having that feel of having all your plan laid out in front of you, it just helps everything. It makes sure that when you do have time, you know exactly what to do when you sit down and zone in to do something. Having everything in front of you on the screen makes it so much easier to not stress or forget anything.

Google calendar is the best for scheduling. It gives all ranges of calendars on a click’s notice (day, month, week, etc). And it’s easy and super fast to update or anything like that.

3 Wunderlist

Wunderlist goes well with Google Calendars. It’s basically a reminders app available for Windows and Mac. I don’t use this a lot but it the dark times of exams, I usually turn to Wunderlist to plan out my subjects and how long I’ll study each one (and by usually I mean just these last exams before the summer break). It also creates to do lists so you can set due dates and reminders so it can remind you of the due dates in real time! It’s easy to use and useful. It’s wonderful.

4 Stay Focusd

This chrome web browser extension is designed to block access to any sites you give it for the time you give it. So no choice but to go back to work! I actually use the app Self Control, but it’s only for Mac and I wanted to give you something versatile. However, again, if you have Firefox, it has a similar extension called LeechBlock. If you have Safari, however…I’m guessing you have a Mac so use Self Control!

5 Buffer or Boomerang

I’m going to be honest here–I don’t use either of these a lot. I don’t have that big of a following yet to have to send out emails constantly and keep social media on autopilot (though I do use Board Booster), I can do that for myself. However, I have tried them and they are amazing websites, had I been someone busy with a large following.

Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts and boomerang allows you to schedule and send out emails. So if you get distracted by Oh I have to send that email, or Should probably post on twitter, it’s been a while, then use these apps. They’ll definitely boost your productivity.

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5 Productivity Tools to Boost Your Concentration