How to Choose a Blogging Niche for Your Blog

Choosing a blogging niche for your blog is hard. When you want to blog about everything–that’s the worst part of it, and it happens to the best of us, it does. You have so many things you love, you want to blog about all of them–and unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s going to hurt your blog.

How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog | How to Choose a Blogging Niche


Here’s the thing: I come to your blog for the first time and I like it and plan to return. I quick-read a few posts and then subscribe, because I like your tips for being productive. Fast forward a few days later, I get an email in my inbox about a new post from your blog. I get excited and open it up, but then it’s a book review. I exit straight out of there. The same thing happens time and again, until I grow tired and unsubscribe.

So basically, if you choose too many blogging niches, people are going to want to see more of the niche they subscribed to you for. They aren’t going to want posts about blogging if they subscribed hoping to read book reviews. It’s going to take them seconds to want to unsubscribe.

 To choose a blogging niche for your blog helps make sure you’re attracting the right audience for your content. So ‘blogging’ and ‘photography’ are two niches that would go hand-in-hand, despite the vast difference between them. Because there is something linking them.

Even if the categories aren’t linked, just try and make sure there are not too many categories–I think there shouldn’t be more than six blogging niches on one blog.


I don’t know if you noticed, but here on Cawing Carleton, we have had a change in the menu bar since recent times. There are now only three categories: Blogging and Social Media, Organization and Productivity, Lifestyle. The categories Books, Journaling and Diaries, Writing and Poetry have completely vanished and taken their posts with them. Or to put it simply: I chose a niche for my blog.

At first I thought I could manage blogging about so many categories and could do it all, but I can’t. I thought it would help develop my reach further and help traffic, but I only now realized it was doing precisely the opposite. In fact, since deleting those categories from my blog, my bounce rate (which had previously been static for months) decreased drastically in the following two three days from 70% to 63%. The traffic itself increased and became more consistent.

That’s how I know that it’s so important to write in one or two niches only. So here’s how to choose a blogging niche for your blog!


Take a moment and list down all the niches you want to blog about right now. All of them. Leave nothing out. I blogged about books, movies, tv, journals, lifestyle, fashion, DIY, travel, writing, poetry, blogging, social media, organization, creativity…


Now go with all of them for a while. At least give it a month–that seems long but it will fly by, you won’t even notice. Blog about anything you want whenever you want. Do this for some time, see what you can do about each category and post as much as possible. For me it took from January to June to realize what categories I really wanted to blog about–however much I loved everything.


Once you’ve blogged enough, then you can go ahead and start cutting down your categories.

  • Which categories have you posted least/most in?
  • Which categories are you eh/excited about?
  • Which categories did you write the longest/shortest posts in?
  • Which categories did you take better/worse photos for?

Look at everything. Count everything in your analyzation. And then, based on that, cut out all the categories you didn’t like/post much in. And plus, you can always pick them back up later.

For me, fashion and DIY were out the picture right from the start. Then went movies, tv. Then went writing, poetry, journaling (I took ‘em out recently). And then books got pushed out the picture too. And now I’m so happy about what I did. No regrets. I haven’t looked back since. I’m really proud of my decision. I feel fresh and new and motivated to blog.

And that’s it! That’s literally all I have to tell you regarding how to choose a niche for your blog. Now go forth and enjoy blogging in all it’s glory!


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How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog | How to Choose a Blogging Niche