5 Things to Do to Reduce Stress

Last week my 5 Things to do to Get Rid of Stress post got really popular so it seemed only fitting that I, once again, do an extension of that post. I really liked writing that last post, and since there are some other things I do or you can do that will help reduce stress, I thought I should share them with ya’ll. So here’s five more things to do to get rid of stress!

How to Reduce Stress


Freaking yoga. And I’m not even talking about the cliche ‘om’ with crossed legs and closed eyes, no. No, I’m talking about real actual yoga. I don’t do yoga regularly, but when I have something stressful like a debate or something coming up, I’ll do it.

And it is honestly so relaxing it’s unbelievable. It really does get your mind away from stressful things and helps reduce a lot of stress. If you’re not sure how to do yoga, just search it up on youtube.

I usually sit crossed legged on my rug and do a few stretches I picked up from a youtube tutorial. Basically, you do some stretches while breathing super slow and calm. You don’t even have to do the complex type of yoga. You can just go for the basic stretches, like I do. It still works to reduce stress!


Doodle is the best thing you can do to reduce stress if you’re a creative person. It’s so much fun! Just doodle whatever you want. Grab a pen and start drawing something random. It can also result in new ideas and stuff. 

I’m not good at drawing (but if that’s your thing, you do you!) so my style is usually swirls and whirls and weird mandalas, and that’s what I’m really good at. Random designs. There’s a difference between drawing and designing/patterning.


So with the sudden explosion of fidget spinners which I don’t know if they actually reduce stress or not, I had to include this in the list. There was no way I couldn’t. And no, by no means do I mean you have to go out and buy a really expensive fidget spinner or fidget cube, but just fidget.

Fidget with whatever you can find. It really helps. I go for the classic pen twirling. I’m always practicing it in my free time and have since then gotten really good at it. You can figure out something to do with your fingers or something–just something random to distract yourself. This works really well to reduce stress when it’s more of a short-term kind of thing.


I love cleaning. Whenever you’re stressed, just clean. Clean your room, mop the house, dust away the dust, wash the dishes (which is my personal favourite), do laundry, wash the clothes, change up the bed sheets–do whatever housework you want to do.

One way or the other, doing this will get your mind of of any stress you have. Definitely try this out, it will definitely help! I, as I said, like washing the dishes, but you do you.


Ah, the monster that is cooking. Ever since I made my first hot dog on my own, I’ve fallen in. Freaking. Love. With cooking. It’s just so…soothing and distracting. Cooking a snack will no doubt help, and then eating it afterwards makes it twice as fun.

I started with a hot dog and then moved to grilled cheese sandwiches, which I now eat much more than I should. I love cooking snacks–if you love cooking try cooking something during stress. It should help. I speak from experience.   


How to Reduce Stress