How to Organize Your Desk Space

I’ve mentioned this before in a million other posts, but if my desk space is not organised and clean and fresh, I cannot work in there–I simply cannot. I will not be able to focus. I’ll keep on drifting back to the messy little desk. A clean workspace helps me get zoned in to what I’m doing. So here’s how to organize your desk space. 

I personally work on my desk, which is very hard to maintain and keep clean, especially since it is so massive. But whatever your space of work is, it’s important to keep it clean for a number of reasons, the first being that it will never let you focus. Things lying around will disrupt your sitting position or may discomfort you. And it really doesn’t look that good.

So here are 6 ways to organize your desk space.

How to Organize Your Desk


Table mats are literally a game changer for me. I love them! They help you organize your desk space ten times better by just being there. They make everything look so much more organised and put together by just being under them and simply bordering them. 

I have my desk divided in little compartments, indicated respectively by a table mat. One table mat borders eating needs: a tissue box, a cup of water and a little jewelry tray of nuts. The other carries all the stationery: pens, pencils, erasers, post-its, etc. The last one encapsulates my laptop, so I always know where it has to go.

These just give a really nice and elegant and put-together look to a desk space. If you are looking for place mats, some very good and basic ones are on amazon. The one I use for my laptop is hereThe one I use for the other things is here:


Desk organisers are life savers. They are so wonderful and easy to look through. You can diy one or buy it from amazon for soops cheap. One of my favourites on my radar is this elegant one here. It looks really nice and compact. But if you have too many things, you can go for a bigger one like this one here.

Desk organisers are built so it’s easy to store all your stationery in an organised and easy to locate manner. They are look neat and tidy, so they are a great addition to the placemats. 


If you do not have any shelves or drawers around your desk, the mess is likely to pile up. If you have a drawer, store things in that. Get shelves installed over your desk, they can be a big help when you organize your desk. While sorting through your piles of paper trash, when you come across things you want to/have to keep, it’s so easy to stuff them in a corner and go back to working.

Big mistake. Having shelving doesn’t give you a reason to stuff things in a corner all over where you’ll be working. If you have drawers, then you don’t need organization, just stuff all the papers in there, they’ll be easy to find when you need them. With shelves you need to be more organized, just in case. I have a drawer and a cabinet that comes with my desk, plus two shelves other than that on the sides. This just helps keeping your primary work area clean.


Stacking is the worst. Do not stack things when you organize your desk. Three or four items max is fine, but more than that will be the ruin of your desk. Stacking means every time you take something out, you have to move everything, which tempts you to be lazy and not put things back. So it’s better to not open the door to that road in the first place. Don’t stack more than three or four items, especially if they’re something big/heavy.

And I know you’re probably going to say, how am I going to make space for everything if everything is displayed in front of me? Well roll on, tip 5.


Before you start implementing these things, do a cleanup of your things. Sort things that you need, medium-need, and eh-need and don’t need at all. The don’t need piles goes into the trash, the eh-need goes in the drawers, the medium-need goes in the shelves (considering they are open) and the need goes on the desk.

The need usually consists of a jar of stationery, your phone, your laptop, a notebook, a planner/bullet journal, and for me, a currently reading book + a cup of water, some nuts and a tissue box.

Once you do the cleanup, then arrange the things using the tips I gave you, and then keep it that way!


This is very important. You don’t know when you’re going to be working on a gigantic notebook or a small pocket journal. So the best way to make sure you don’t lose your organization while working is to keep space for the big things in the first place.

When I’m not using my laptop, or using it to extract information for something I’m physically writing, it sits at the back of my desk, so I have writing space–this way I can read and copy from Wikipedia 😉 and write in my school notebook at the same time!

And that’s really how you organize your desk! I hope you guys enjoyed this tips on organization and hopefully learned something from it. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!


How to Organize Your Desk Space

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