How to Be Productive During Your Holidays

Let’s talk about being productive during the holidays. Now, for me, at least, this is very hard. Because you’ve just finished off with exams or work, after putting loads of attention and effort into them, and now you’re finally free. All you want to do is lay in bed all day and just binge-watch a Netflix series all day for the rest of your life. But that just doesn’t work. You can’t do that.

For me, when I tried to stop watching Netflix, all I did was scroll through social media. I didn’t get out of the house other than for a few dinners, for two months! That is a lot of time for staying inside a house.

But I’ve learned some things that have really helped me these last holidays. So today, I’m sharing with you some tips on how to remain productive during the holidays.

How to Be More Productive During Your Holidays


First thing you want to do is to set your goals. These goals could include: start or finish your book, read this-many-books, be consistent in your blog/youtube, learn something new, anything. For me personally, my best way is to learn and discover and delve into new things and I really enjoyed that. You can view my Bucket List page to learn about what things I want to learn/do. For, me in the upcoming holidays, I want to:

  • Learn a Musical Instrument
  • Learn to cook basic stuff
  • Film a short film that I planned a few months ago
  • Finish writing a book that I have been writing

And of course, the list will only grow as I learn of new things. So setting goals is a great way to do that. And if you’re having trouble setting goals, then I’ve got you covered with my How to Start Setting Goals You’ll Actually Achieve post.


Find your inspiration. That’s essential. If you don’t watch videos or read posts motivating you to work and be productive, you can forget about it altogether. Find hardworking people and follow them. I like to watch Superwoman’s Vlogs. They really inspire me to ‘hustle harder’, as is her motto.

Without inspiration, it’s easy to drift away from your goals and into other things—it’s good, but not good for your other goals. So make sure you find your source of inspiration, otherwise you’ll drift away and it’ll be long before you actually come back.


Take it slow. Again, this is something I said in my last post—take it slow. Overburdening yourself with tasks and goals to achieve all the time is only going to make you want to stay away longer and it will make it more intimidating.

Start slow, and then gradually increase. And you don’t have to increase. Remember, it’s your holidays, so there’s no harm in enjoying a little and taking time off and watching Netflix for a long time, but also don’t completely give in to that—that’s not very lovely.

So take your time with things—don’t start from the top—always start from the bottom and work your way up. Otherwise you’re just going backwards instead of forwards.


Find other people who are wanting to do the same thing as you—on the internet or in real life—having other people growing and being productive can inspire you when it makes you feel down when you see others being productive. Think of it as you inspire them, they inspire you.

And that’s all I have for this post! I’ll see you guys later! Bye!


How to Be More Productive During Your Holidays

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