Why I Started Blogging


Back in November of 2016, I really got obsessed with blogs. I would stare at them for hours, read millions of ‘how to start a blog’ posts, and just crave my own. I tried out so many platforms, but most of them were paid.

That was before I had unlocked the full potential of blogger. I started blogging with blogger, and fell in love – customization was limited, but all of it was free! I bought a template from pipdig, customized it, put up my first blog post, and that’s where I began.

Soon after, close to the end of December, I felt like blogger wasn’t completely fulfilling my needs. I wanted a more solid space, and that I could get from WordPress (ORG) only. At that time, I was also about to build my author website, which my parents were paying for. At that time, Siteground was running a special Christmas discount for two hosting accounts bought at once. I bought the hosting, and started blogging with WordPress.

When I got my confirmation call from Siteground, it was January the first of 2017 (a total coincidence). I didn’t shift from blogger, that would cost a lot of money, so I simply copy + pasted the posts from my blogger blog to my new blog. I bought a theme from pipdig (told my mom it was a video effect. My filmmaking was something they all supported) and customized, and there it was: carletoncaws.com


I knew I needed a good domain, and I was looking at other bloggers for inspiration. Two things that I picked were

  • The repetition of ‘m’ in Mostly Morgan
  • The action ‘says’ in Meg Says

Meg Says was a very clever name, because that’s what Meg does on her blog, she says things. So I thought what do I do on my blog that starts with C. I talk. My brother used to call me a crow, so it didn’t take me long to figure out ‘carleton caws’ after that.


I don’t know really. At first it was for the aesthetic, and the feeling of it, but later on my purpose changed. I think it was because I was doing so much writing, making videos and short films, sketches that all my mind and creativity were focused on that. I needed a knew hobby that would harness and channel my creativity, and blogging was one way to do that. So I think that’s the main reason. But who knows, maybe I’ll find another one later on? Nothing can be said right now.