How to Deal With Blogging Stress

I get blogging stress all the time because blogging is not all rainbows and sunshine and it’s not all that easy. It can be stressful – really stressful. Trust me. I know from my own personal experience. Don’t get confused, blogging is fun – but also stressful, especially if you’re really that serious about it. Related Post: 5 Things to Do to Get Rid of Stress.

How to Deal With Blogging Stress


I want to start off by saying that I was pretty committed to my blog right off the bat. I’d been seeing so many blogs, obsessing over them, staring at their ‘How to Start a Blog’ posts for hours, staring at the bluehost web page for days, watching full time bloggers talk about their lives, and everything. I was so committed and determined. For the first month, that is, January 2017, I was very committed to my blog. I’d post every single week, I’d always carry my camera around to places, I’d always be in writing posts, outside taking photos and everything and it really worked out.

But then I lost interest. I started watching too much youtube, and that took up so much of my time. I wanted to become a youtuber, suddenly, and put effort into that. I’d post but lazily, and never put my effort into it. Then one day I saw an email in my inbox – it was from Bloglovin. I visited the page, and instantly became hooked. All of a sudden I needed to blog. I started blogging twice a week. It was even more stressful, so after a few weeks I stopped again. The same thing happened. Then, right now, I’ve been hooked again. So the ups and downs come, but even when I’m away from blogging, I can’t help but feel the blogging stress. But I’ve learnt some things I need to fix when it comes to blogging stress.


Schedule is the hardest kind of blogging stress you might have to deal with, but it is of the utmost important. Consistency is key – that’s what I’ve read on other blogs – it’s not only key to more traffic, but key to consistently get creative ideas, be productive and keep on blogging. And consistency comes with planning, organisation and scheduling. A lot of bloggers have tight schedules – I post thrice a week, or at least I try my level best to. I have the entire month of blog posts planned out ahead of me. And yet still, I fail to do my task, because it’s stressful – fun, but stressful. Writing things, taking pictures, editing them, and all of that. It’s hard work.

So if you’re stressed about schedule, what I’d recommend is not not posting, no. What I think you should do is explore other options – post something else. For example, before the post before this one, I had been doing long lifestyle posts for so long, and so, to cut my work but still be consistent, I decided to post a shorter and easier ‘My Bullet Journal Supplies’. Had this been, ‘The Best Bullet Journal Supplies,’ the post might have been long and required more effort. But just a little tweaking absolutely brought my work from 10 to 5. So wether it’s out of your niche or not, having an odd post in so many even ones won’t even make a difference.


Stats. Ugh. That’s an evil thing that you, my friend, need to stay away from. When I started out I was always on my dashboard looking at my stats. Sharing posts and pages again and again and again, repeatedly, to catch attention, asking people to pin pictures, and stuff. I was always looking at them. But that’s not a healthy habit – stay away from it. You want to focus on putting in the best effort you can, and it’s going to bring reward at your dashboard one day and surprise you.

Right after I realized I needed to stop staring at my stats, one day, after a week or so of staying away and posting regularly and putting effort into them, I saw I had a comment. My heart melted. I allowed myself to check my stats, and my heart burst. I had hit 100 pageviews in half a day within a month of blogging. Throughout the month I had been going at 9, 10, 15, maximum 40 pagviews in one day. And suddenly, I had 100! And the day wasn’t even over yet! So what my point is, you need to stop looking at old posts, and sharing them, though it is good sometimes, and move on. Get over it. Put even more effort into your upcoming ones and it will reward you.


I cannot tell you the joy I have felt every time I saw a ‘1’ next to my Comments in my WordPress menu, and the despair I have felt when that comment ended with a link. They really bug you, they raise your hopes up, and then you realize they don’t care about your post, your page, your blog. They just care about themselves, and growing and being famous. So all you can do is move past them; delete them. Forget all about them and like I said before, put more effort into the ones to come so that people can leave nice, genuine comments, even when they came here to spam.


This is also very hard. Sometimes I just can’t go out and take photos and write long posts. This again redirects to the point I made earlier about writing something easier. But when you’ve already done that? What do you do? Well, the best thing is to get inspired. Look at other people’s blogs and stuff and just observe how they’ve done things over there – and then that should inspire you. And if it doesn’t work, which it probably won’t, then you just have to push yourself over that slump and get working. You just have to do it. Be determined, and have a strong purpose to strive towards – mine was earning money and being able to interact with people and enjoy it.


So what are my tips for dealing with blogging stress? I’ve already given them all out to you, but to sum it all up in one space, I’m giving you three of these tips that will help you deal with blogging stress. Feel free to look back in time of need.

  • It’s alright to stop for some time. A lot of people take blogging breaks. This also helps decrease the risk of what we call ‘blogging burnout’.
  • Cut the slack. Reduce your workload, whether it’s by rejecting sponsorships, going off of your schedule, posting less, or posting something less effort-requiring.
  • Inspire yourself to stay on track. It’s easy to get carried away into other activities as a creative. So make sure you read other blogs repeatedly to stay in touch with the blogging world and not get carried away, like I was into youtube.

And that’s it. I’d just say sometimes you have to put yourself before traffic and all of that jazz and just take a breath and relax for a second. But not for too long. That’s the gist of it.

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