5 Ideas For An Introvert’s Bucket List

An Introvert’s Bucket List. I don’t know if you have or haven’t already gathered from looking at my blog, but I’m an introvert. Um, correction. I used to be an introvert. When it came to socialisation, I was very bad. I couldn’t order food for myself at the restaurant (yes, the situation was that bad), I couldn’t ask an air hostess for water, I couldn’t even ask for the wifi password.

But now, I’m very happy to say, that I am an ambivert. I’m not totally outgoing, but at the same time not totally shy. I can with some level of confidence, do all of the above. So if you’re looking for a post that will give you things you can do to become totally outgoing and a complete extrovert, then I’m sorry, but this is not the place for you. But if you’re in search for activities to get you out and to face your social fears, then stay. Here’s 5 Ideas for an Introvert’s Bucket List. (And some things that are not related to ‘5 Ideas for an Introvert’s Bucket List).

An Introvert's Bucket List


An introvert is a term used to describe people who are very shy. They do not enjoy social gatherings. They are very awkward in front of people and cannot carry out a conversation properly. The just like to stay in their rooms and bury themselves in their covers (that last part may or may not be exaggerated, every introvert varies. I wasn’t that extreme).

Extroverts are people who are very outgoing, they love to talk and meet other people, love social gatherings, taking part in conversations. They have amazing social skills. Because I haven’t experienced the stages of being an extrovert, I don’t think I’m qualified to write much about them other than what I already have written.

An ambivert is someone in between. Not an extrovert, nor an introvert. A little bit of both. And that’s where I currently stand. I’m not very outgoing, but can do a decent amount. My brother, who has been my ‘therapist’ over the last years says my social skills have improved a decent amount.


While being an introvert has it’s own funs, I think being an extrovert is also extremely important. These are the basic skills we need in life. They’re helluva important. So I think ambivert is the best option. You can spend time under your covers with yourself, but you can also know how to carry and conversation, how to ask for things you want and stuff like that. So I find ambivert worked best for me but people have their own opinions and I of course totally respect them.


For me it was a matter of getting out. Once I was out, I couldn’t go back. My determination was the biggest factor for me. I would have to fight with myself to force myself, but I’d do it. Wherever I went, I was forcing myself to ask for my food myself, going to shops myself, talking to people I didn’t know outside of their own blogs or their youtube channels online (blogging and youtube have a big part to play in that), and stuff like that. I also joined a charity group in some of their food distributions to the poor people of the city. Being forced to spend family time. Being forced (this time by my teachers) to get out of the classroom at lunchtime and stuff like that worked together to gradually change me.


So you want to become an ambivert, huh? If you’re going to want to do that, then here’s a list of things you’ll need. There’s only three of them, so you have no excuses:

One of my favourite bloggers, Megan from LivingBetweenTheLines, did a most on the difference between motivation and determination. It’s linked in the list.

So before going into the bucket list, let me just say, these are not at all things I’ve done, but most of them are. Ones I haven’t done were seen on Pinterest.


Spend an hour or half of it standing somewhere public holding up a ‘free hugs’ sign. I really want to do this sometime. Now just keep in mind, the purpose of this isn’t for people to come to you, but you to go to people. So if you stand even let’s say fourteen minutes, and no people come to hug you, you still succeed in accomplishing your mission, which is, essentially to get you out and to face people. This is such an amazing exercise. If I were still an introvert, and I saw this, I would start with this on the top of my ‘An Introvert’s Bucket List’. I might even try it now. 


Whether you’re in class, at home, wherever, start a conversation with either a friend, a family member, whatever, start a conversation and then carry it on. This also makes you the centre of attention, which is great practice if you want to truly change yourself. And I don’t mean this as something just for once – do it, continuously, so you get practice and learn how to carry a conversation. This is my weak area, but I have improved and sometimes, depending on the conversation topic, I can do very well.


This could be in the park, at the footpath, outside your house, in a street, school – whatever, just sit down and start a conversation. Even just saying ‘Lovely weather’ or something that is not a greeting counts. You could ask your way around, even if you know it – anything. The point is getting you to talk to people you don’t know. Again, do this multiple times until you’re comfortable. I’ll give you a handy tip, do this with poor people. It not only helps you, but also helps them feel important, kind of something like this. You should definitely have this on your list, because this was on my ‘Introvert’s Bucket List’.


Spend some time on a walk – not a car ride, not on a vehicle, but a walk giving out cookies or something that symbolises love, like for example flowers, or something to homeless people, or construction workers, or just people in general. I did this with my cousins last year and also with the charity group I mentioned earlier. This is actually really fun and makes you feel good inside, you know what i’m talking about?


A great exercise would be to go to a children’s park and if you find small children there, you can help them onto the obstacles or something like that. If there’s kids your age, start conversations with them. Me and my cousin went to the park to help children and we found a boy our age selling lentils there. He came to use and asked if we’d like to buy a pack. We started talking to him and for the rest of our time there, he followed us around, and we continued to talk to him.

And there ya have it, people! 5 Ideas for an Introvert’s Bucket List. Did you find this helpful or relatable? What’s your introvert/extrovert/ambivert story? Let me know your thoughts down below! And that’s pretty much it for this one! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!