Insta-Worthy and Delicious Breakfast

If you ever come to Lahore, and are looking for not only excellent breakfast/brunch but also great environment, Spice Bazaar is the way to go. It has amazing food and a cute cozy environment with a great colour scheme.

cozy chairs

We abruptly decided to go there for brunch because everyone was tired of seeing the same old food (Coco Pops, for me). We were originally going to go to our go-to cafe, Tenerife, which I prefer over Spice Bazaar, because I just love the chocolate waffles and the trees and the big windows (okay, let’s be real, it has great lighting for some cute Instagrams). But we decided to change it up and last moment booked in SB.

breakfast at spice bazaar cozy breakfast at spice bazaar breakfast at spice bazaar


I mean, just look at that and tell me you wouldn’t want to have breakfast here. There’s the inside as well, but we sat outside just for this photoshoot. I also generally loved the open atmosphere with the fountain, the trees and the mix of 1800s and the modern days. Ahhh it’s so beautiful I could just die here. I also had a little photoshoot with my mom and dad, but they didn’t want me to post it up here, so…..

delicious bread french toast and pancakes cake recipe milk lassi


I started with bread – of course, my old bestie since I watched The Hunger Games. It was long loafs of garlic bread, and they smelled freakin amazing. For my main breakfast, me being the little stick I am, I just got some Pancakes and Nutella with French Toast and Syrup. I don’t know the dessert, but it was this really yum cream and chocolate cake and it was golden. Also, my dad got some lassi, which is a traditional Pakistani drink. I don’t love salted lassi, but sweet lassi is really great. This is another must if you come to Pakistan.

That was all for this post. Sorry it was so small but I just wanted to share this with you guys because this restaurant is amazing. But yeah, that’s it for now, I’ll see you next time. This is me, signing out. Happy Monday! Bye!