5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Bullet Journal

How to start a bullet journal is a very common blog post title idea but what a lot of people want to know is the why part of it all? So today’s post is going to be again on bullet journalling. As you may not know if you aren’t following me on twitter, I am obsessed with bullet journals and diaries and anything involving a cute, decorated notebook. I started it about two weeks ago now, or maybe three, I can’t remember, but I haven’t looked back since. I love every piece of it. Some of those pieces are down below, some aren’t. But I really wanted to share this with others because bullet journalling has really helped me out a lot. So let’s get in 5 reasons why you should start a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal


This is the first and foremost thing you need to have in order to enjoy something and give it your best. If something’s not fun, chances are you probably aren’t going to want to continue doing it. The same goes for bullet journaling and why you should start bullet journalling. I genuinely enjoy it. It’s a LOT of fun, and you have no idea how much more fun it can be if you want it to be. I personally like to be free and not follow any of the traditional bujos ways, and just write whatever I feel like, but if you’re an even bigger organisation freak than me, go forth and enjoy it in all it’s glory.

Bullet Journal Supplies


One of the things I really know how to do is organise. I can organise anything (except time during exams, but other than that anything). When I say that, I don’t mean my drawers and my room is always clear cut clean and perfect – but when I need to organise something, I get possessed and I’ll come up with weirdly innovative craft ideas that it’s crazy. I’m very meticulous about all my stuff, and now, thanks to bujos, my time. I’ve started planning my days, studying and taking breaks are at a steady, side-by-side pace now, and my grades have seemingly improved. Bullet Journalling has really worked for me in this area, even though I was not super busy with loads to to do lists.


This is your choice but you can even make habit or expense trackers in your bullet journal. You basically write all the days of the months, and write down all the bad habits you want to finish that month, and keep track of them, so mark each day you did/didn’t do it (please look into this post for further detail on this). I’ve found all my habits significantly decreasing, especially nail biting, though junk food eating is still the highest one. But overall, this is also very helpful if you want to track where and when you spent your money, how much you had/have now, etc.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker


I personally don’t like to think of my bullet journal as a pretty moleskin journal where everything has to be perfect and according to the rules, and so, as I said before, I write down whatever I want. So you can not only write down good memories or memories of days or places down there to look back on, but you can also remember stuff like appointments, events, birthdays, etc. It’s kind of like a diary, expect you can customise EVERYTHING to your taste.


One of my favourite parts about bujos is the community. It’s so warm and welcoming and nice – I’ve followed a few facebook groups of bullet journallers, and I love interacting with them – talking about the struggles of time management, procrastination, netflix, etc. It’s a really fun way to know you’re not alone, and you’re not the only dumb on here who can’t study. So if you’ve started bullet journalling, then definitely get involved and engage with other people in the community, because they’re just so nice and so helpful and plus it’s always nice to meet other creatives!

BONUS: Even my mom uses a bullet journal to manage all her housework now!

So that’s it for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I did writing it. Disclaimer: All these opinions are my own. You don’t HAVE to start a bullet journal or continue with it if you don’t see results or you find it boring. But with that in mind, I’ll see you next time and for now, I’m signing out. Happy Friday. Bye!