My Bullet Journal Experience

Couple of weeks ago, I found a beautiful blog that belonged a girl named Megan Shaefer. When I came across it, it just so happened to be the perfect timing. I found it to be full of bullet-journal posts. At that time I had absolutely no clue to what bullet journals were but a few posts in, I decided I needed a bullet journal, not because my life was disorganised or anything, but because it seemed fun. And a little more planning can go a long way. 

At the time I found this post I was about to have my exams, and I thought it would be a good way to organise not only my study plan but my weeks, days, months, years, thoughts, habits, moods and everything I wanted to keep track of. So went to the market, bought a notebook and a pen and started writing.

I followed Megan’s guide to build my journal, so I’d definitely recommend check that post out here. I might do a detailed post myself in the future, but I didn’t follow any rules. I didn’t get colourful washi tapes or colourful things – only a grey and a black pen. I kept my journal minimal and am very happy with it. Once I had read through, knew the bullet journal vocabulary, I abandoned Megan’s posts and ventured further alone. And personally a few tutorials were enough for me and I did the rest myself, and I liked that much better than doing everything step by step. I set up an index, a future log, a monthly log for the current month, filled it in, made my key list, and then started bullet journaling. And I haven’t looked back since.

Started and filled February with my exam schedule, made notes for days I could study, and days when I knew things would be overloaded, I would make daily spreads of them to organise my time. I think it really got a sense of time into me, and now I don’t want to procrastinate because the bullet journal spreads make me feel guilty for it. To be honest, I really think this has bettered me and I can see a clear improvement in my grades, which is one thing crossed off of my 2017 Bucket List. I even do my homework now!

So I highly recommend checking out bullet journalling, even if you’re not that busy, but still feel like you just do what you want whenever you want wherever you want. I think just keeping track of stuff through habit trackers, expense trackers, daily and weekly spreads, etc makes you feel more inclined to be organised.

And that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, then don’t forget to share it and comment your thoughts down below. Also check out Megan’s blog if you want to know how to dress your bullet journal for the Oscars (it’s not necessary, but if you’re a perfectionist…). And yeah, I’ll see ya next time. Happy February. Byeee! 

  • Thanks for the shoutout, Carleton! I’m glad bujos work out for me, they’re one of my favorite things (if my blog didn’t make that clear). Oh, and I honestly might have to do a “How to Dress Your Bullet Journal for the Oscars” post just because of that joke.

    • carleton

      It’s one of my favourite things too! Haha I’ll be waiting for that one then!