Annotating Books

Hey guys! So today I’m back with another book – related post. Today I want to talk about annotating your books. When I say this, I not only mean story books, but I am talking in general about books – text books, magazines, zines, newspapers, your old diaries or journals – anything you read a lot. I personally do this in storybooks and magazines.I also think this can be a great tip for organising a diary or journal. And it has changed my life.

When I was a kid I used to be very paranoid about cracking my spines and turning corners of my books – I was so paranoid about it that I barely was able to make out the words on the pages – reading was literally difficult. However, recently I have had a complete shift of opinion. Because now, it’s not fun anymore. It’s not fun to read – to have to hold a book so cautiously and all. So I took the leap of faith and I went even further than destroying my books – I started annotating them. And the moment my pen hit the pages, I never looked back.

I LOVED this new thing. It’s honestly so much fun. I’ve come to love the idea of this. Now, no one else will have the same copy of a book in the world because my copy is my copy and it is littered with my ideas. I started doing the same thing with my old diaries and stories. I started annotating them, writing my feelings in the sidebars and just writing down my thoughts for future me to look at and a) agree with or b) laugh at. Either way, I will never stop this.

I now doggy ear pages, tab books, write in them, crack spines, turn corners and it’s FUN. So if you’re like me, take the leap – maybe try it out with a pencil or something – but try it out, and I promise you, you will enjoy it and if you don’t, then don’t carry on with it. But I personally love it. Go ahead, shout at me in the comments if you want, but I LOVE this idea and can’t get over it.