How 2016 Changed Me

I know it’s almost the end of January, and this post is way too delayed, but the ideas for this post only just struck me now. I was scrolling through bloglovin when I stumbled upon a ‘Interesting Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers’ post. Among those ideas was a ‘touch your personality and see what you are and are you happy with it?’. I realised that while I wasn’t quite sure about that, I was sure about one thing — twenty sixteen changed me in ways I could never imagine. It was a good year, of course, but of course, with all the good things also come the bad ones. But here’s what I think actually happened to me in twenty sixteen. In many ways, I’d like to throw a big curse to twenty sixteen for destroying my life, and at the same time I’m grateful to it for making me what I am today.

First of all, this year I faced a lot of bullying – again, if you want, I could do a long post on my bullying story, but that’s not the point — along with bullying also come a lot of other things — depression, self-doubt, hopelessness and another thing. Strength. In Twenty Sixteen I really learnt to embrace myself and resist pain and hate. If I hadn’t faced the extremely unfortunate series of events in the beginning of this year, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am right now.

Second, I learnt that sometimes, it’s alright to admit your mistakes. I had a long drama (again, I could do a post, If you want) with a friend, where I let my arrogance and my pride cloud the way I looked at him and it stopped it from letting me imagine how me might look at me, if that makes any sense at all. That’s one of the biggest lessons of all.

Third, I learnt that its not alright to cry in the bathroom over yourself. It’s not alright to believe the bullies — what’s right is to fight back. Tell a teacher, punch them yourself, make a revenge plot — whatever that does not involve serious injury or mental damage — or the best option — forgive them. You have to accept yourself.

Fourth, I learnt that I’m not alone. I need to stop being selfish and snappy — I need to shut up and think about others. I am not the only person facing torture right now. There are also other people facing worse situations, so I need to be grateful.

Another very important lesson this past year gave me was that humans are more important than things. This year my laptop crashed with all my written files in it, and I fell into despair and I felt like I’d never have the strength to write again, and that same year when my grandfather became sick, I realised that loosing my laptop was nothing. Therefore I stopped being so paranoid about books. I even started annotating them. I started caring about others, which brings me to the next thing I did in twenty sixteen.

I started being more social. I started doing different activities other than just lying around in my room. I went out, played, even if I still had a camera in my hand, I did different things, I had a productive set of holidays.