How to Get Free Books

Hi guys! So today I decided to loosen up. My last two post were really kinda serious and I just wanted to return back to my forte, which is books (because I always sound like a cliche when I try to be serious and when I’m giving advice. So this week’s post is going to be all about life hacks all book lovers NEED to know. I’m a very cheap person, and I cannot let an opportunity for free stuff go away like that. And over 12 years of discovering the world or books, three major ways of getting free or cheap books have been brought to my  attention.


Did anyone know? DID anyone know? That you can put a pdf on kindle? WHAT?! I know, right? It’s crazy. Now a lot of books don’t have pdfs, but some do. Before going to Amazon, I always like to search up a pdf of the book I want to get — and if it is available, then you can download it and put it onto your kindle when it’s connected through the USB cable. All you have to do is ‘open kindle to view files’ and drop it in there. Then, when you open your kindle, it’s there in pdf form. You can also conveniently read pdfs on iPads or iPhones. If you open a pdf, you’ll see an ‘Open in iBooks’ option pop up on the top right. Click that, and it will save the pdf in iBooks and you have a free ebook.


When you sign up for Audible, they give you a thirty day free trial or a 6 credits option. Choose the 6 credits option. Then, with credits, you can buy a book and if you’re able to finish it before thirty day, you can easily return it back! I’d suggest looking up tutorials on YouTube on how to that, but I’ve never spent a penny on audiobooks!


Everyone knows that used bookstores are much cheaper than regular ones. But used bookstores are not my favourite. I personally life to buy a book and keep it clean and pristine just the way a brand new book would be like. But if you don’t care, go ahead and look there. If you’re like me, we’re not the only one like ourselves. Think about what if someone like us donated a book to a used bookstore? It would be clean and pristine! So you can definitely find acceptable books in used bookstores. Also, everyone knows this, but Amazon is way cheaper than real life books. As a reader, I understand how hard and unsatisfying it is to not buy the book yourself, hold it in your hands, and have to wait for it, but if you’re more cheap, take the challenge. I personally don’t use this method because of the above mentioned reasons, but it is a way. ‘

So that’s it for this post. I know it was sooper short and quick but I just quickly wanted to share these tips with you guys because I saw nothing like this on pinterest and bloglovin when I searched them up, so I thought this post would be a good idea.