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Cozy Day Reads | Cozy Books

Cozy Day Reads

Cozy Day Reads | Cozy Books

So today I’m going to be recommending some cozy books to you guys that you can read on a cozy day, when you just feel like curling up in your bed and just reading. Some people may prefer reading more horror and spooky books on days like this, but I prefer simply books that make me feel warm and cozy inside, which will usually be some cutesy romance and books about teenagers’ lives. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the list of cozy books!


This book is about Cath. Cath is going to college. Previously, she used to do everything with her twin, Wren. But now Wren and Cath are going separate paths and Cath, more of an introvert, is left to deal with college alone with her roommate, Reagan, who is very outgoing and more of an extrovert. 

In my opinion, Cath’s story is really cozy, and it made me feel soft and warm inside, and it is overall amazing. Very touching and relatable, so definitely give this a try. If you’re into books and are an introvert, you’ll find Cath to be character you just want to hug because you understand her when nobody else around her does.


Wonder is about a boy called August, and he is born with a face deformity. The story is split into parts, each told in different POVs: August, Via, Justin, etc. It’s a lovely story of finding yourself, and about August’s journey towards strength. This book made me feel really warm and cozy and therefore it fits a cozy books list like a glove. Everything from the cover, the atmosphere, the characters, everything will make you feel cozy. This book is amazing. 


A lot of you may already have heard of this, but the Fault in Our Stars is one of my favourite contemporaries of all time. It’s a mixture of sadness, happiness, joy, laughter, and romance, with all those things beautifully blended together in the story of Hazel Grace, who is a cancer patient and she goes to a Cancer Kid Support Group, where she falls in love with a boy and her story changes completely. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but never under a list of cozy books. Try it, it makes you so cozy!


Where do I even begin with this book? It is overall amazing. It will make you laugh, cry and feel all the emotions. This book has everything you look for in a contemporary romance – everything – the writing, the plot, the characters – everything – is perfect. 

It’s about Anna, who is forcefully sent by her dad to the school of America in Paris, where she makes a lot of lovely friends and meets a boy (duh), Etienne St. Claire, and this is where her opinion about the school, Paris and everything else changes completely. It’s again, like Fangirl, full of relatable situations and will make you laugh, squirm, smiles and definitely falls under the cozy books category.


And the last book on my list is Outlander, of course. It is famous for it’s tv show. I was considering whether or not to put this here, but I realised that most of the people only watch the tv show. They haven’t read the books. So if you are one of those, go right now and read Outlander. Although it is pretty graphic, I don’t know what it is about the book, but when I was compiling this list of cozy books, I had to put Outlander here. 

It is about Claire Randall, a woman who lives in London. With her husband, Frank, she comes to Scotland on their second honeymoon after the World War II. There Claire stumbles upon the circle of standing stones where she travels back in time into the 1700s Scotland. She meets a handsome Scottish warrior, James Fraser. Guess what happens next. It’s kinda obvious, but will blow your mind! 


I’m not going to go into full detail, because I already have a post on this book. But this book moved me and touched me and grabbed my heart in all ways. It’s just simply amazing. Check out my review for the book to have a full in-depth review. This is the book I would tell you to read first of all the books in this list.